Frequently Asked Questions

1) One must not waste too much time in repeating the names of Gods and
instead direct his energies towards some useful work.

Answer: Chanting God’s names is the ultimate useful work because it uplifts the chanter and it uplifts the world atmosphere.

2)  One should drink tea and coffee to keep the body warm in cold
conditions. Also tea and coffee are required to cure headaches and body pain.

Answer: Hot herbal tea is okay. Caffeine is injurious to the health because it artificially stimulates the adrenal gland and wears it out.

3) Not eating meat in youth to keep the body strong will have adverse
affect in old age, as the body requires good nutrition.

Answer: The human body is not designed by nature to eat meat. Thus meat eating causes so many health problems. All nutritional values can
easily be derived from a healthy, delicious, uplifting diet of fruits, vegetables,milk products, and grains. The karma from eating the flesh of innocent
creatures obliges the meat eater to become an animal in his next birth so that the very animals he ate in this lifetime can take human forms and
eat him.  Thus meat eating is the activity of those are in ignorance and it keeps them bound up in ignorance.

4) Onions and garlic are very much required for body as they are helpful in building immune system against diseases.

Answer: The Manu Smriti enjoins that onions and garlic are not to be eaten.Milk is the miracle food for making the body strong.

5) Fasting may cause serious health problems like gas formation, headache,and weakness in the body. And one should not punish himself in the name of God.

Answer: Overeating and obesity and major health problems in the world today. Vaisnavas do not punish their bodies by severe fasting. We moderately fast on certain holy days to honor the scriptural injunctions,to reduce unnecessary and unhealthy bodily fat, and to make more food available for those who are going hungry.

6) If a person is too religious, he may lose importance in society and people will not respect him.

Answer: If a person is pseudo religious, he becomes a disturbance. But those who are properly religious are recognized throughout history as the greatest leaders of humanity.

7) One should take up devotional service only when he has completed his duty of serving his family. i.e. he should take it only when he is 50 years old.

Answer: The family will always demand more and more service. The train runs on two tracks. Therefore along with our worldly duties we must faithfully perform our spiritual duties. We have served millions of families in millions of lifetimes and we are still caught up in samsara. If we continue to do what we’ve always done, we will continue to get what we’ve always
gotten: a material body that is subject to birth, death, old age, and disease. Is it enough? A thoughtful person does not think so. He wants eternity, knowledge, and bliss, and therefore must break away from the bonds of material service by coming to the higher platform of spiritual service. One who serves on the spiritual platform renders the highest service to all living beings. He is not deficient in any way.

8)Too many restrictions on eating and drinking habits would make life miserable and such a person cannot lead a normal life.

Answer: Unrestricted eating and drinking creates in a person a miserable animalistic mentality and obliges him to become an animal in his next birth. Extreme restrictions are also not favorable. Moderate restrictions
are enjoined in the Bhagavad-gita in order to free one from all material miseries.

9) One must always work hard to catch up with others in this competitive world or else he will be left behind.

Answer: Transcendentalists work with more energy than materialists because their work is unlimitedly enlivening.
It is not like the drudgery of the materialists, who struggle through their work week.

10) Hard work will bestow success and success will bring happiness.

Answer: Have you ever met a happy ass?

11) One must worship God in the morning for few minutes and carry on his day to day work. Too much spending time on it would affect productivity and cannot find time for self, family and friends.

Answer: If you consider self, family, and friends more important than God, kindly do not mind if we have to speak the truth, but you are a blind fool.You have been serving self, family, and friends through millions of lifetimes and you are still suffering in this material existence. Read again the answer to number 7.  When you water the root of the tree, all the
leaves and branches are nourished.  When you surrender fully to Krishna,you render the best possible service to everyone.  No one is neglected